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Swap contact details easily

We'll only use your info for your first card.

Help people contact you.

Your contact details. One click away.

Create a card with your contact details. Your card gets its own link, for example, contakk.com/shed. Place this link on your e-mail signature, web site, business card, flyer, etc. When anyone visits the card's link, your contact details can be added to their address book.

Share your contact details.

Your new business card. No paper.

When meeting someone, enter their name or email and share your card with them. They'll receive an email with your card attached. They can then put your contact details straight into their address book.

Control who gets what.

Multiple, tailored cards. Public or private.

Create different cards for different situations: business, personal, basic, etc. Set a card as private to keep people from viewing it or adding it to their address book without your permission. Public cards can be viewed and added to any address book by everyone.

Add new contacts.

Directly into your address book. No typing.

Click on the link of someone's card to add their contact details to your address book without any typing. If you don't have a link to their card you can search for them here on Contakk by name and request their card.